Doemal for Vintage Luxury Yacht Hotel

Case Studies

At Code2LAB we are working hard to satisfy our customers every day with our services. Doemal Restaurant Finder Mobile Application has been our latest development project. We designed with the mission to bring restaurants and their customers together via a free and powerful new touchpoint.

Cooperation between Doemal and Vintage Luxury Yacht Hotel to increase brand awareness and lead more potential customers together with high level long-term engagement. To make this happen Doemal’s Team performed a field trip to the restaurant to investigate its possibilities and learn more about the restaurant.


This 1920 Victorian themed hotel has everything being luxurious. As soon as you step into the ship, you will feel like you step into a scene from the Titanic. Stylishly decorated in dreamy hue of brass, 1920 Industrial Restaurant and Pirate Restaurant from Vintage Luxury Yacht offer lavish feeling of antique romance.


Our Doemal Team focused on what is exactly matter for Vintage Luxury Yacht Hotel: luxury experience with high quality food supported by a unique and memorable environment.

“It has been a great honor to work together with Doemal. Because of their great support, we become well-known in both Facebook and the market. Doemal fulfilled our organizational needs by making a campaign about our hotel on Facebook. The food review helps and we look forward working together again. Thanks!” - Lwin Moe Aung @ Bono
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